1Password Review 2020


1Password is a secure password manager, providing small businesses a safer way to share their passwords, credit cards, and documents. It keeps important information secure with AES 256-bit encryption, and its slick design allows users to keep all kinds of information easily organized with convenient categories and a  customizable search console. 1Password isn’t without the odd drawback, but still one of the best password managers available in 2020.


User Experience4.0/5.0


1Password is a secure password manager with an AES 256-bit security architecture and easy to use interface. It comes with a variety of additional features including zero-knowledge protocol, a travel mode, and dark web monitoring. While these features work great for most businesses, some of its features could be improved on and it lacks certain features that come with competing password managers like Dashlane.

However, If you want to save your dozens of online passwords, generate new ones, and log in to sites with a simple click, then 1Password is the best way you can do it. This is a fantastic password manager that’s blissfully simple to use. 1Password, developed by AgileBits and released in 2005,  is a popular password manager that was once exclusively built for Mac only but is now available across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

After testing this password manager, I’m happy to say its reputation is well deserved. 1Password isn’t perfect password manager but comes very close to its rivals like Dahlane.

User Experience 

1Password is very easy to use, and its design is beautiful by the standards of password managers available. Rivals such as Dashlane can be hard to navigate at times, but 1Password manages to perform its key tasks in an attractive and easily navigable package. That goes for 1Password’s desktop app, the mobile app, and the browser extension it comes with. All of them have a similar design which is clean, making it second nature to navigate each one.

Setting up the program was quick and simple for me. You can choose between the personal & family packages which start at $2.99/month( billed yearly) or the team & business plans which start at $3.99/month. I went with the personal package for this review.

It’s important to know that although 1Password offers a generous 30-day trial, it does not have a permanently free version. This might be a problem for some users because other top password managers Blur and Remebear have outstanding features even for their free plans, so users have no option but to pay. 

Once I decided on a plan, set up was very quick and easy and within a matter of minutes, I was ready to roll. The installer didn’t require me to set up a complicated master password and I didn’t have to provide my credit card info upfront for the trial, which I appreciated. Once I was logged into my account, I was assigned a unique secret key as apart of an emergency kit.

To help manage my Secret Key, 1Password prepared a downloadable link for my Emergency Kit, containing a PDF file for my account email, a QR verification code and more, that I could use to quickly set up 1Password on other accounts and devices. The emergency kit also included:

  • A secret key
  • My email address
  • The master password
  • 1Password login URL
  • 1Password support email address
  • A QR code for quick account setup

Once your account is finalized, you can use the vault in your browser. From there you can also set up 1Password’s apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. 

You will need the Secret Key for each installation, to keep the process safe and secure.  After installing the app on an Android or iOS device, for example, 1Password requires you to snap a QR code that fills in all your information. 

Managing Your Vault Entries

Once you setup everything you will notice that all of your password and information are organized in vaults. Instead of having a single vault, like Blur or Remembear, 1Password allows you to use as many vaults as you want to make it easier to organize your information. For instance, you may want to create separate vaults for your personal credentials and a separate vault for your business identities.

 All of the entries such as secure notes, logins, passwords, and identities stay within a vault. You can add a lot of other entries too into a vault including your social security number, driver’s license, and passport information. For individual and family accounts, 1Password has a 1GB storage limit for all uploads.

That great thing about the vault system is you won’t need to remember multiple passwords for your vaults as the master password is used for all of them. As far as organization goes, 1Password takes the price by a long shot. This is a feature, unlike any other password manager I’ve come across.

Importing Passwords

The easiest way to move your passwords from a browser or from one password manager to another is to import the existing passwords. 1Password allows you to import other passwords from 1Password itself,  Dashlane, Lastpass, and Roboform, Encryptr as well as Chrome browser. If you want to move your date from another password manager, you first have to export the data to a CSV file and then upload it through 1Password.

To use the import feature for 1Password, you log in to your online account and choose the import function in the top right corner under your profile.

Two Factor Authentication

1Password supports U2F key-based two-factor authentication which is an extra layer of security to your password manager. Its typically recommended enabling this feature since you could potentially be housing a lot of vital information, and you need that extra security.. 

To enable two-factor authentication, you log in to your online account at the top right corner and choose My Profile> More actions> Turn on two-factor authentication. For this to work you must have a mobile application installed. 1Password will request your master password at this point.

1Password Mobile App

1Password’s mobile app is available on all platforms including iOS and Android. The app has a sleep design and setup is as easy is scanning your QR code in the emergency kit PDF file. The interface has all of its features clearly listed out and comes with a built-in browser. The browser makes it easier to input logins and passwords and overall the app works very well. The interface is intuitive and easy for first-time password manager users to understand and use. 


  • Works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Intuitive password management and organization
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure AES 256-bit security architecture
  • Travel mode
  • Password generator
  • 24/7 support team


  • No free plan
  • Limited sharing options on the personal plans
  • A complicated browser extension system
  • No password changer 
  • No live chat


1Password has a wide range of unique features including password monitoring, secure notes, data breach alerts and so much more. It has an additional unique feature called Travel Mode, which temporarily hides data from your vault. 

On top of that, 1Password uses AES 256-bit encryption to ensure which is military-grade and practically uncrackable. For extra security, 1Password also provides a secret key and end-to-end encryption of data stored on your device. The brand will have no knowledge of your data and they won’t track or store any of it, to prevent hackers from intercepting data sent to 1Passwords servers. In a nutshell, 1Password is a secure password manager that uses advanced encryption methods to keep you safe.


Watchtower is a section of 1Password with features that allow you to monitor your password strengths and make changes to them. This feature is not new to other password managers, however I liked how they laid out the features into sections that are easy to understand.

The watchtower section will notify you if any of your passwords are weak and need attention. It also checks to see if any of them have been reused, or are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Watchtower also monitors to see if any of your credit cards are set to expire and notify you. 

Overall I found the watchtower section to be very convenient and easy to use, and I was happy to know that none of my passwords were at risk.

Password Generator

Storing your passwords in one secure place is not enough. You might have old and outdated passwords that need updating and changing to stronger and unique password combinations. This process is not automated like Dashlane which has a bulk password manager, and this is deliberate for a number of reasons. The worry is that if there is an error in automatic password updating, this could potentially result in locking you out of your accounts. 

1Password offers a password generator to help you create strong and unique passwords when signing up for a new account or updating an existing account. 

1Password defaults to passwords that include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as digits. The desktop includes symbols but this is not present in the mobile apps. Passwords that have been changed will sync across platforms, so you won’t need to worry about making changes from the mobile app.

Travel Mode

1Password includes a great feature for users who travel frequently called travel mode. When travel mode is turned in your account, certain vaults in your profile will be hidden and only vaults marked as Safe for Travel will be visible on your devices. Vaults with sensitive information will remain hidden until travel mode is turned off, which will restore all your vaults.

To turn on travel mode, sign in to your online account and choose my profile. From there turn on Travel Mode and your vaults that have been marked will automatically be hidden.

No other password manager offers a similar feature to the travel mode in 1Password. If you find this feature useful and you travel a lot then this might be worth considering.


1password is inexpensive and offers great value for money, but the lack of a free plan is a big blow. All plans available include 1GB of storage, travel mode protection, and password security tools.

1PasswordUnlimited passwords, 1GB storage, 2FA$2.99/monthBilled annually
1Password FamiliesUp to 5 guests, share passwords and more$4.99/monthBilled annually
Teams1GB storage per user, 5 users, 5guests$3.99 each user/ month
Business5Gb storage per user, free family accounts, up to 20 guests$7.99 each user/ month

There are two options on the personal plan available: 1Password and 1Password families. The basic plan costs $2.99/month and is billed annually. This plan comes with travel mode, 1GB storage, and multi-device sync.

The family plan costs $4.99/month and is also billed annually. For an additional $2 family members can share items with each other and starts with 5 users but you can add more for $1 each.

The team plan will cost you $3.99/month and will allow you unlimited vault and item storage. You also get 1GB storage for each user.

The business plan will cost you an additional $3 and will offer each user 5GB of storage and free family member accounts.


1password features a pretty wide range of security features. 1Password uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure all of your data which is the same security protocol used by military, banks, and governments. For extra security, 1Password provides 2-factor authentication and a security key which is required when logging into your account.

The company has zero knowledge policy which means that none of your data is tracked, stored, or shared by 1Password. To prevent hackers from intercepting any information they utilize a secure remote password protocol that keeps security passwords and master passwords secure. Overall, 1Password is very secure, and you should not have any security problems at all.

Customer Support

1Password has excellent customer service and offers three ways to get ahold of them:

  • Email
  • Community forums
  • Twitter support

Although there is no phone support or a live chat, their support team is very responsive and within an hour you can get a response when you send an email.  Outside of that, there is a wealth of information in the articles and the community forum. It would be nice to have phone support, but its common in other password managers not to have this service.

Final Verdict

1Password will easily sync and store your personal data across multiple platforms. Although it is not as capable as competitor password managers, it is very secure and easy to use. It’s by far one of the most security-focused password mangers in 2020. The interface is simple and ideal for non-tech savvy users, and with unique features like a travel mode, it brings something different to the table. 

It would be great to see a bulk password changer to speed up the process however its still great value for money. Overall, 1Password is a top password manager in 2020.

Anesu Chirara

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