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Anesu Chirara

Anesu is a tech writer based in Michigan, with a deep love for software technology. An engineer by training, he has been involved in the tech industry for the past 4 years, while also providing his expert opinion on some of the leading SaaS tools available today. Some of his work has been featured on blogs like allBusiness, Teckrr, and CBR. He naturally enjoys helping people solve their tech problems and covers topics in B2B tech, marketing, and cybersecurity. When he is not writing you can find him working out. Connect with him at

Best Password Managers

Most of us have scores of online accounts and it can be easy to fall into the habit of using one password for all of them. It might be convenient, but it also leaves us in danger of potential hacks. Reusing passwords isn’t a safe practice...

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Best Password Managers for Mac

An ideal password manager for Mac should be easy-to-use and protect you with the latest 256-bit AES encryption system. In addition to this, features like a password generator, autofill, and autologin are also imperative. No one wants to...

Blur Review

Blur by Abine is a reliable and easy to use password manager that’s packed with exciting features. Blur offers seamless password management while also providing extra capabilities such as tracker blocking, masked email, and phone number privacy....

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