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Blur by Abine is a reliable and easy to use password manager that’s packed with exciting features. Blur offers seamless password management while also providing extra capabilities such as tracker blocking, masked email, and phone number privacy. It’s an impressive all-in-one solution for online privacy and security.

By the time you reach the end of the review, you will have a thorough understanding of the Blur password management tool; pricing, and additional features it comes with. You will have all the information you need to make a smarter choice the next time you consider purchasing a password manager.

Blur Overview

Blur from Abine is a US-based password manager app that allows users to store all their passwords in one secure place. Formerly known as Do Not Track Me, it was launched as a tracker blocking app back in 2011. It was then relaunched as Blur in 2014 as a rebrand, offering both free and paid options for their password management service.

Online security is not a new topic, and maintaining privacy and security in this digital world is becoming much harder to navigate. Nowadays, users are required to remember numerous passwords from different online accounts. Unless your passwords are complex enough, you’re putting your business and private accounts at risk to online hackers. It can also be tempting to use one password for all your accounts which puts your valuables and privacy at even more risk.

That’s why you need a password manager and that’s what Blur was built for. Blur is a browser extension tool that allows internet users to protect their accounts with strong password combinations without having to remember a single one. If you decide to use Blur, you can enjoy their benefits through a generous free plan or the premium subscription. First time users are given 30 days of premium subscription, totally free, with the option to extend it further.

For a password manager, it certainly doesn’t lack in extra functionalities. With the free version alone, Blur offers password management, anti-tracking and email masking. However, if you’re on the free plan, you will need to pay $2 every time you use the phone and credit card masking features.

While it’s still a great option in 2020, it doesn’t quite cut it as a top password manager yet. With a few issues to fix including its lack of customizability, they are not far off from hitting the mark.

Blur User Experience

User Experience


So, just how good is the user interface ? What should you expect using this service?

To start off, signing up for Blur is as easy as it gets. All you will need is an email address and a password and you’re ready to roll.

Mobile User Experience

Installing Blur on your Android or iOS device is as simple as going to your Play Store or App Store (for iOS users) and downloading the application. You get all the benefits of privacy and security (private browsing, masking, tracking, password management and safe online shopping), on the go. (VIDEO URL)

The mobile version has one advantage over the PC version- phone number masking. Here’s how the masking feature works; You get a new number that will forward your calls, messages and voicemail to your actual number without the caller ever knowing. While you can make calls from the masked number and receive texts, you cannot send back any texts and the service is available in the US, UK and 13 other countries only. Each call will also cost you an additional one cent on top of the $3 subscription.

The mobile version works just as well as the browser version, and you won’t have any problems at all. Account data is synced across all your devices over an encrypted connection, allowing easy  access from device-to-device.

PC User Experience

Back to the PC version, once you’re logged in, you’re welcomed to a clean interface that’s easy to navigate and straight to the point. There are four main categories on the homepage; Accounts, Wallet, Masking and Tracking. Clicking on any of the functions directs you to a new page with more features to explore. From the get go.  Blur will also ask you to install the extension through your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer Opera and Safari), and this installs a button on your browser toolbar. After installing it you’re free to start using the security software service.

Once you’re all set up, you can play around with the dashboard options. Clicking on the Masking function allows you to explore the masked phones, masked emails and masked cards functions. The phone masking feature is available on the paid version only, but free users can pay $2 every time they use the service. The Wallet function allows you to set up your banking card and personal details. This allows you to autofill online forms without having to fill each one of them individually. You will need to setup your banking card details first before you can access any of the features:

Once your card and personal details have been added, you can choose to use the autofill feature for added convenience and security.

The Accounts dashboard gives you access to manage all your accounts and passwords and make changes to them as you please.

“The dashboard is one of those you either love it or hate it, meaning you either love the simplicity or you wish you had more going on” -Anesu

Importing & Exporting Your Passwords

You can access all your passwords and import your old passwords through the Accounts page. Blur allows you to easily import your passwords from other password management service providers including Dashlane, KeePass, 1Password, LastPass and RoboForm. If you are starting from scratch, the new account button will allow you to generate a password for your online account and save it in Blur.

Blur gives you some flexibility on how you choose to import your passwords. You can choose to import your passwords via a CSV file or directly from your alternative password manager service. Credible password managers like Dashlane, KeePass and 1Pass should not give you any problems at all, and a password is always required before proceeding.

Exporting your accounts and passwords is also possible and can be done in two ways. Users can export their date through the Blur data backup with the intention to restore their account in the future. Users can also export their data via a CSV file which can be used for migrating your passwords to another password management system.

Managing Your Passwords

Blurs password manager makes it very easy for you to manage all your password accounts in one place. Blur includes an autofill-function which automatically fills your saved online credentials when you login to your accounts, and this includes all the accounts that you choose to save in Blur. That is why it’s imperative that you choose a strong master password and remember that password for life.

 Accessing your passwords can be achieved from the Accounts button on the dashboard. Blur allows you to view the entire list of your passwords and assign tags to them to name the account for that password. Besides that there’s not much else going on in terms of customizability, and they could have added a bit more features for organizing your dashboard. This is what we have to work with for now.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile and PC support
  • 30 days free premium subscription
  • Website tracking prevention
  • Great masking features- phone, email and credit cards 
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not offer flexibility with password organization
  • Design is very basic
  • Costly annual subscription
  • Paid masking features

Blur Features



Blur offers outstanding password management protection, but what makes it truly stand out from its competitors are the additional features it comes with. You get plenty with the free subscription alone, but to enjoy the full benefits of Blur, you will have to purchase the premium subscription of Blur. Here’s what you get:

  • Autofill forms and passwords
  • Cloud syncing
  • Free password generator
  • Import & export data
  • Web tracking blocking
  • Browser extensions (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera)
  • Masked emails
  • Masked phone numbers (premium subscription)
  • Masked credit cards (premium subscription)
  • Fingerprint login Android and iOS only)
  • Two factor authentication
  • Live chat


Let’s have a look at the masking privacy features and how exactly they work. Going through the masking features, we can safely say this is an outstanding feature for online privacy and security.Instead of using your real email address, phone number or credit card, Blur gives you an alternative for each one of them. This allows you to shop online in a safe and secure environment. 

Email Masking

The masked email feature will work for users all around the world and won’t cost you a cent. Instead of using your real email address, Blur gives you an alternative email address to remain anonymous and block spam as well. You can then receive all your emails privately to your real account. 

This service sets Blur apart from other password management software services, considering it is completely free.

Masked phone numbers

Masked phone numbers will work the same way as email masking. Blur will generate an alternative number for you, and anyone who tries calling that number will be directed to your real number. This feature is available on Android and iOs users and on the premium version. .

Masked credit cards

Password management, tracker blocking and masked emails are features available on the free version. To get the credit card masking feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Masked credit cards work the same way as masked email addresses. When it’s time to pay online with your credit card, Blur pops up and offers to use the masked credit instead. Your real credit card details will never be exposed.

How does it work? When you’re creating your masked card, you transfer the precise amount of money you’re about to use and Blur acts as a prepaid card for you. This enables the card to max out in the event that a hacker tries to use funds from your account.You can even use Blur as a gift card; you load it with as much money as you want and send it to the recipient’s email address. 

When you confirm the creation of the masked card, Blur automatically bills your real card. If you plan on using this service, expect to pay $2 for every transaction and if you’re planning on using this feature regularly, you’re better off choosing the $99 unlimited plan.




Blur is very generous with its users allowing them to use the premium feature free of charge for 30 days. You can choose to stay with the basic subscription, but if you plan on using the extra features mentioned in this guide, we suggest you go with the paid plan. There is a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with the service.

Free PlanUnlimited passwords, email masking and tracker blockingFREE
Yearly Basic PlanAll the features of the free plan + phone number masking, backup and sync$3.25/ month$39 billed/year
Monthly Unlimited PlanAll the features + credit card masking, billed monthly$14.99/month
Yearly Unlimited PlanAll the features billed annually$8.25/month$99 billed/year

There are two options for the paid plans: basic and unlimited. The basic plan is cheaper costing $3.25/month but lacks the credit card masking feature. You’ll have to pay $2 every time you use the service. The unlimited plan comes with unlimited transactions for masking but the $15 price point is a little on the high side compared to other password managers. You can decide to get billed annually with the unlimited which will cost you about $7 less each month.




The most important question, can you rely on it for privacy and security? In short-yes. It’s a little worrying learning about the security breach that occurred a few years ago, but this has since been rectified, and unlikely that this will happen again.

Blur takes their security protocols seriously and all logins are encrypted locally which means that hackers will not be able to intercept your information.In the case that you happen to lose your master password, the only way to recover your account is by providing the backup paraphrase.




You can easily contact the support team via email or live chat. The live chat is available during regular working hours and the response time is almost instant. If you decide to use email or the support forum, expect to wait between 1-3 days for a response depending on your subscription. Premium users typically get a response within a day. 

The best option would be to look through the FAQ section where Blur answers the most common issues as detailed as possible. It’s worth checking out the blog from time to time to get informed on any new updates.

Final Verdict

Albine blur is clever, clean, and straightforward as can be. The idea behind a password manager packed with additional privacy features works wonders for them. However, the dashboard and organizational features could use a few touch-ups.  

When it comes to security, Blur does not play around. The masking features and attention to security allow you to engage in online shopping and other activities in a safe environment. If you decide to splash out on the premium version, you get phone and credit card masking which adds extra protection and privacy.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned password manager, if you have privacy concerns then Blur is your all-in-one solution. It does so much even for the free version, and for this reason, we give you the green light. 

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