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Most of us have scores of online accounts and it can be easy to fall into the habit of using one password for all of them. It might be convenient, but it also leaves us in danger of potential hacks. Reusing passwords isn’t a safe practice and remembering all of them can be difficult.

A password manager will not only save you the effort of having to remember multiple logins for different online accounts but it will also keep them secure by generating strong and unique password combinations that are impossible to break. The one you decide to pick needs a balance of features, price, ease of use, and above all security. 

In this guide, we outline the best password managers you can buy in 2020. All of the password managers on this list will secure your data with the toughest encryption protocol available and come with a wide range of additional features.

The best password managers at a glance:


Best for security features. $4.99 Try Dashlane


A very reliable password manager for the average user. $2.99 Try 1Password


LastPass is a well-rounded password manager that is available at a very convenient price. $9.99 Try LastPass


Remembear is a secure password manager that’s suitable for new password managers users that don’t require the additional features. $9.99 Try Remembear

Additional password managers worth checking out:


Great form filling capabilities $9.99 Try Roboform


Very easy to use and secure password manager Try Blur


A clean user interface and simple password management $-0.01 Try Nordpass

Sticky Password

Great secure sync options $9.99 Try Sticky Password


Reliable password manager Try Enpass

I have tested and analyzed a dozen password managers to pick the best password managers for your needs. Although there were so many password managers out there that claimed to be 100% secure, only a handful made the list that was actually cost-effective and useful. 

All 4 password managers on the list will secure your data on your PC and in the cloud with the best security architecture available today. All of them are available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and you can get all 4 of them on a free trial.

My selection criteria for the best password managers in 2020:

User experience:  I went through each password manager to figure out how easy it is to navigate each password manager, both on PC and mobile. .

Features: Password managers come with a variety of features. Some of these features include dark web monitoring, a VPN, and email masking to name a few. I put these features to the test to figure out which of these features were actually useful.

Pricing: I compared to see how each password manager stacked up against its competitors with the features it came with

Security: 256-bit AES encryption is the standard for all the password managers in this list. Some of the password managers like 1Password and Dashlane included 2-factor authentication which is an extra layer of security and safety.

Customer support: I ranked each company on the response time, available channels of communication, and overall helpfulness.

Dashlane– best overall password manager

Dashlane has been a top password manager for many years now and was a no-brainer for my number one pick for the best overall password manager in 2020 for so many reasons. Its powerful range of security features and ease of use allows it to continue to outperform its competitors even in 2020.

What really sets Dashlane apart from its competitors is its bulk password changer, a tool that allows users to change hundreds of weak passwords at once. The free version of Dashlane is capable of storing login details of up to 50 accounts together with 2-factor authentication capabilities. Dashlane’s premium service is even more impressive and for a subscription that starts at $3.33/month you get:

  • Dark web monitoring- A software that is able to scan ‘the dark web of the internet’ where hackers typically sell stolen information, to see if any of your information is lying there.
  • A dedicated VPN- Dashlane is the only password manager that gives users a dedicated virtual private network (VPN), a feature that allows users to reroute their internet traffic through an encrypted protocol, to browse the web anonymously. 
  • Bulk password changer & password generator– Dashlane features an intuitive bulk password changer, capable of changing 100s of weak and vulnerable passwords at an instant. It also comes with a functional password generator in the browser extension.

Unsurprisingly, all of this comes at a price, and Dashlane’s premium plan is one of the most expensive plans around, but the extra features and services justify the cost. It comes with a 30-day free trial, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

Built-in, unlimited VPN servicePrice
Bulk password changerWeb interface limited
Intuitive interface across all platforms

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a password manager that’s easy to use and packed with many advanced features, you will love Dashlane. Dashlane’s intuitive design, convenient bulk password changer, and dedicated VPN make it the best password manager in 2020.

1Password– best for password organization

1Password is a great password manager for individuals and small teams that want an easy to use and secure password manager. It also has a really good family plan in which users can share a subscription with up to 5 individuals.

It has the best organizational feature out of all the password managers I’ve tested so far. 1Password allows you to make and use as many vaults as you want and make it easier to organize and store your  login credentials.

1Passwords best feature is the ‘Travel Mode’, a feature that hides sensitive information when you want to travel across borders and don’t want your information checked. 1Password also offers the following services for both individual and business plans:

  • 2-factor authentication– An additional layer of security protocol. Users can generate a one-time-key code on their smartphones to log into a password vault.
  • Watchtower- A section of the password manager that allows users to have their passwords monitored, assessed, and changed for added security.
  • Travel mode– A feature that hides sensitive information when a user travels.
Travel modeOutdated design
Unlimited vaultsBelow par mobile experience
Secret key encryption

Bottom line:

1Password has the best organizational feature with its vault system, period. It also has a great family plan for its price, which makes sharing data very easy. Its online platform might look a bit outdated, but is still a super easy to use and reliable password manager. It falls just short of Dashlane in 2nd position, but with a 30-day free trial available, you can check it out and see if it’s right fit for you.

Remembear– best for an intuitive and fun interface

Remembear is a simple to use password manager with an intuitive interface. It has animated bears everywhere! While Remembear lacks additional features like those found in Dashlane or 1Password, it gets the basics right. It makes it super easy to store and retrieve your passwords in one place.

Remembear utilizes end-to-end encryption and AES-256 security architecture to ensure high-security measures are met consistently. As far as password managers go, Remembear is one of the simplest and easy-to-use cross-platform password manager software available. Its layout and user-friendliness are perfect for the non-technical user and the ideal choice for small businesses. Additional features include:

  •  A backup kit
  • Password generator

Although it has a decent free plan and the essentials we expect from a password manager, you won’t get some of the advanced features like dark web monitoring or VPN integration,  available to other top password managers.

Autofill & password generatorLimited features
Clean user interface
Simple to use

Bottom line:

Remembear is a great option for anyone looking for an easy to use and low-cost password manager. Its features are limited but still one of the best value password managers on the list, with unlimited password storage for less money than Dashlane and 1Password.

Lastpass– Best free plan on a password manager

Lastpass is very easy-to-use and offers an excellent range of features for its free plan. The free version  allows users to sync across unlimited numbers of devices, which is a paid feature in most password managers alone. The free version also comes with:

  • A password generator
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Free online secure storage
  • One to one sharing

Lastpass offers paid versions as well and  users can get password sharing between multiple accounts. You wont need to install an application on your computer as Lastpass can run entirely in your browser extensions and web interface. 

Best free plan availableLimited functions
2-factor authentication
Excellent family pricing

Bottom line:

Overall, Lastpass is a great choice for both the tech-savvy  and beginner users.It has multiple features that are well designed and easy to use. You can try Lastpass 30-day free plan to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Keeper– Best for secure cross-platform management

Keeper password manager is a standout password manager with exceptional features like secure cloud vault, dark web monitoring and encrypted chat services. Out of all the password managers available, it is one of the most feature-heavy password managers available. Breachwatch is a fantastic feature that scans your passwords and checks to see if any of your data has been breached on the dark web. The software automates everything, changing your credentials as it sees fit. Keeperchat is another great feature you will find, and provides users with an encrypted messaging platform for you to communicate on.. On top of these features, you also get:

  • An admin console– a section where you can manage all who have access to your Keeper account
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Shared team folders and team management options
Supports all platforms and browsersLimited web form filling
Secure password sharingNo automated password updates
Secure messaging and file storage

Bottom Line:

Keeper password manager does not have standout password manager features like Dashlane, but the features it does come with are very useful. Secure cloud vault, dark web monitoring and encrypted chat services are features any user or small business will find very useful. Although it lacks simple organizational features and a public support forum, these are minor issues that one can overlook.

Roboform– Best form filling capabilities in a password manager

Roboform is another versatile password manager available on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android).  The free version alone is superb, providing you with a secure vault for all your logins. You also get an auditing tool to help you identify weak and vulnerable passwords, and a password generator to replace those passwords with stronger password combinations. 

Roboform will not sync your accounts across multiple platforms, for that you will need the premium version. However,  when it comes to security, it boasts really impressive features like:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • A password generator 
  • A security center

Where Roboform really stands out is with its autofill capabilities. The password manager offers multiple customization options, and with the Roboform autofill function, you can create:

  • Multiple identities for web forms
  • 8 different categories of information 
  • Passport and credit card information

Roboform has a lot of great features for its price point. This includes a unique save and sync bookmark function which syncs bookmarks saved from one device onto another device with Roboform installed. 

Robust form fillingLimited functionality
Supports a wide range of platforms

Bottom Line:

Roboform is a low-cost, secure password manager with powerful from filling. Its form filling feature is the best on the market, and its biggest selling point. Its unique bookmarking feature is worth mentioning, and aside from that you shouldn’t expect much else. It’s priced competitively and provides secure encryption for your passwords.

Blur– Secure, easy to use password manager

Blur by Abine is a reliable and easy to use password manager that’s packed with additional features. Abine Blur offers seamless online security while also providing extra capabilities such as tracker blocking, masked email, and phone number privacy. 

For a password manager, it certainly doesn’t lack in extra functionalities. With the free version alone, Blur offers password management, anti-tracking, and email masking. First-time users are given 30 days of premium subscription, totally free, with the option to extend it further.

Great free planLimited organizational features
Amazing additional featuresPaid masking features
Excellent customer support

Bottom line:

While it’s still a great option in 2020, it doesn’t quite cut it as a top password manager yet. With a few issues to fix including its lack of customizability, they are not far off from hitting the mark.

Nordpass– A Clean user interface and simple password management

Nordpass is a password manager from NordVPN, a well-respected VPN service provider. It is designed to be simple and yet very effective, with a clean interface to navigate.

One of the unique features about Nordpass is its security architecture. It uses XChaCha encryption, which is the same algorithm used by Google, to secure all their data. This is coupled with zero-knowledge protocol to ensure no data can be accessed even by Nordpass. 

There’s not a lot of flexibility with the free version, and only supports one device. Nordpass premium will give you access to 6 shared accounts, 2FA and password monitoring. 

Intuitive interfaceLimited features
2-factor authentication

Bottom line:

If you want a feature rich password manager, there are better options out there. It lacks key features like dark web monitoring, VPN or even secure online shopping, features found in other top password managers. However, its clean interface and strong encryption make for a great password management experience. You can try it out with a 30 day trial, to see if you like it.

Sticky Password– Great secure sync options

Sticky password is feature-rich and covers all the basics you need in a password manager. It comes with an auto-import feature, 2FA and secure digital wallet services. The auto-import feature saves users a lot of time and effort by having all of your passwords imported and stored into one place. All these features come in the free version, but with a premium version you also get:

  • Secure cloud backup– backup and restore your saved data from the cloud
  • Secure password sharing– Share passwords with an unlimited number of users
  • Local data storage- you can choose to store all of your data locally if you don’t want it in the cloud

Sticky password is full of features and priced reasonably. You get a 24/7 live chat support team to answer any of your concerns.

Secure password sharingNo team plan
Dedicated support team
Strong backup feature

Bottom line:

Sticky password is a top service for anyone looking to stay safe online. Non technical users will find it easy to use, and it covers all the standard features of a password manager. It might not be as slick as Lastpass, or feature-rich like Dashlane, but it gets the job done efficiently.

 Enpass– Reliable password manager

Enpass is a basic password manager, with features that most password managers have. Enpass does what it does, and does it nicely. It is the only password manager on the list that offers a one-time purchase option. That means once you purchase it, you get the product for life. Enpass also offers a yearly subscription plan for those that don’t want the commitment.

Compared to other password managers, Enpass lags behind. However, it handles all the basic tasks very well, and this includes password generation, autofill, audits etc

With an Enpass subscription, you also get:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Fingerprint and faceID login
  • Smartwatch support
Free desktop versionLimited features
Keeps your data offline

Bottom line:

Enpass is the ideal password manager for users on a budget who want a one-time purchase. It’s a minimal but yet effective password manager. Enpass is not a bad password manager, but it’s also nowhere near the best. 

Anesu Chirara

Anesu is a tech writer based in Michigan, with a deep love for software technology. An engineer by training, he has been involved in the tech industry for the past 4 years, while also providing his expert opinion on some of the leading SaaS tools available today. Some of his work has been featured on blogs like allBusiness, Teckrr, and CBR. He naturally enjoys helping people solve their tech problems and covers topics in B2B tech, marketing, and cybersecurity. When he is not writing you can find him working out. Connect with him at