Dashlane Review 2020


Dashlane offers comprehensive password management tools with a unique range of features including dark web scanning, digital ID, and a dedicated VPN service. It combines some of the most powerful cybersecurity features you can find today into a single well-designed and easy to use a password manager. With a great mobile app, unlimited VPN, and a responsive live chat support team, It makes online browsing that much safer and secure. Find out why Dashlane stands out from its competitors and why it’s my #1 top pick for password managers in 2020.


User Experience4.5/5.0


Dashlane is a password manager and digital wallet, designed to make identity and online payment simple and secure. Dashlane’s password manager helps you simplify and secure your digital identity together with all your personal information in the online world.

Dashlane was founded in July 2009 and is based in New York City. Since then, the company has grown to over 250 employees with offices in New York City, Paris, and Lisbon. Dashlane has raised over $70 million in venture funding to create a safe and effortless solution for all internet users. Although Dashlane is more expensive than other password managers available, starting at $4.99/month, the extra features are worth the extra couple of dollars you will have to pay. Dashlane also has a generous free plan which is decent but not the best free password manager available. You’d be better off with another free password manager like Remembear or Blur, which offer better free plans. 

Available across all platforms and devices, the intuitive Dashlane app automatically fills and stores passwords, personal data, and payment details with its patented security architecture. It’s available in 11 languages and trusted by 10+ million people in 180 countries (and growing), and it’s the complete online solution for browsing safely and seamlessly at home, at work, and everywhere in between. Read on to see how else Dashlane stands out and how it compares to our other favorite password managers like Remembear and Blur.

User Experience

Dashlane is my favorite password manager on the market today, with impressive features that other top password managers like 1Password and Remembear cant compete with. There’s a free version available for you to use, however, it’s pretty limited. But you do have a 30-day money-back guarantee on Dashlane Premium, so there’s no risk in trying it out. When signing up, you’re automatically enrolled for the free plan. However, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version any time using the “go premium” button in the bottom left corner. 

 One thing I liked about Dashlane was just how easy to set up it was. You won’t need to sign up for an account before downloading Dashlane. From their homepage, all you need to click is the “download Dashlane” button in the top-right corner. Dashlane will then automatically download the browser extension, with the option to install the windows application straight after. From there, you can go on to create your account.

Within a matter of minutes I was able to:

  • Create my account and set up my master password
  • Install the Dashlane firefox browser extension
  • Import all of my existing password from my browser
  • Set up dark web monitoring
  • Change all of my weak passwords with the Password Changer

You can choose to download the desktop app from their website, but once I was set up I found myself using the browser extension more for all my day-to-day password management tasks. The browser extension allows you:

  • Autofill your online forms and logins into your accounts
  • Login to your accounts automatically
  • Generate unique and strong passwords
  • Display all your saved login details

The simplicity of Dashlane is one of its biggest selling points. At times I even forgot Dashlane was installed, as it quietly worked in the background, keeping me safe and secure throughout the day. Dashlane is a great password manager if you want to stay secure online but struggle with complicated software.

Dashlane For Windows & macOS Applications

After you have installed the browser extension from the website you can then install the local app. From there you can then finish the remaining setup tasks including sting up your online payment structures and identity protection. The app has a clean design and an easy-to-navigate layout. From the top menu, you can make changes to your app preferences, install extensions, enable the VPN, password capture options, and the two-factor authentication settings.

As you go down on the left-hand side of the desktop app, you get a list of Dashlanes tools organized in sections for Passwords, Secure Notes, Personal Info, Payments, IDs and receipts. The middle section is where you will find all of your saved entries. Dashlane includes multiple filtering options and you can choose between the list view, gallery view, segment them into categories or alphabetize them. This makes it so much easier to get through your passwords and organize them. If you hover over a password entry you get 2 options: More and Go To Website. The More menu allows you to edit, share, view the password history, copy the password, or delete the entry. It would be nice to get additional organizational features such as putting passwords into folders, however, the toggle view options are unlike any other password managers I’ve come across.

Dashlane Mobile App

Dashlanes mobile app provides access to all the features on the Desktop plus the touch security feature on iOS. The app allows you to easily manage your passwords and use the VPN service effortlessly. 

Both the Android and iOS editions support autofill for apps and websites. Dashlane supports Chrome Firefox, Edge as well as Safari. You can also use biometric logins to access your account, (face and fingerprint) and easily reset your master password if you forget it. It will autofill passwords on many mobile apps but this feature is limited on iOS due to Apple’s security features. 

When you first set up Dashlane on your device, you will need your email, a code that Dashlane sends to your account email, and then your master password. I had no trouble signing into my existing account and was welcomed to a sleek app with an interface that’s easy to navigate. I didn’t experience any performance issues or lags during testing and was impressed overall by the speed of the VPN when browsing.

The app offers the same functionality as the desktop experience. You’ll find a circular plus button in the lower-right corner to quickly add new vault entries. The Home page shows all of your recently used features and the full list of your vault items. Dashlane’s tools and additional features are accessible via the left-hand menu, and this includes the Identity Dashboard, VPN, Password Generator, Sharing Center, and Emergency. You can easily change the application lock and autofill behavior, as well as manage your subscription in the app settings section.

Where the Dashlane mobile app shines is the features it comes with. With the app, you pretty much have the full version of Dashlane on the go. Like all other password managers, the mobile app is not perfect, but it’s easily one of the best password manager mobile apps available today. 


  • Extensive password audits
  • Identity theft protection features
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Responsive customer support
  • Syncs across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Scans the dark web for compromised accounts
  • Included VPN for extra privacy


  • Costly
  • Cloud storage cant be upgraded
  • The free version won’t sync across devices
  • Inconsistent browser form autofill


Most password managers do the same thing: they allow users to save and manage their secure passwords. Some even allow users to generate strong unique passwords and store them so that users don’t have to keep a long list of passwords for every account they own.

Where each password manager differs is the extra features they offer, and this is where Dashlane sets itself apart from the crowd. Some of its exclusive features rival top password managers like Blur as you can see in our Blur review, which has a solid list of features on its own Some of its exclusive features include:

  • Bulk password manager
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Secure file storage
  • Dedicated VPN
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Strong password generator

With so many password managers out there and some of them with vulnerabilities in their security measures, Dashlane has repeatedly proven to be completely secure, and very easy to use. 

Dashlane Bulk Password Changer

Out of all the features Dashlane offers, the most unique is its bulk password changer. Dashlane makes it incredibly easy to replace your old and weak passwords with an automatic password changer. In a single click, you can update your existing passwords on multiple accounts. 

When I first tried it, Dashlane flagged many of my passwords to be weak and automatically changed my weak passwords on numerous websites including Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. While I’ve tested other password managers alike, most of my passwords were flagged but in order to change those passwords, I had to go through all the accounts manually to change the password combinations.

This is an incredible feature on a password manager, and it’s highly likely that you’ve created hundreds of online accounts over the years, and no other password manager has a way to automatically change so many passwords at once.

Password Generator

Every time you click in a password field to create a new account or change your existing password, Dashlane offers to secure a password for you. This appears right below the password field to make it more convenient. You won’t get an opportunity to configure the password at this point, but if you want more control over the password generator, you can go to the browser tab and click the generator section. From there you can set the password length as well as the ambiguous characters, symbols, and digits. 

Dashlane has a default 12-character combination, while Remembear has an 18-character password combination default, so it falls slightly in that regard.

Virtual Private Network

Dashlane is the only password manager that gives users a dedicated virtual private network (VPN), on top of the usual password management services. The VPN is a feature that can reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted, secure protocol, to browse the web anonymously.  

This feature is what gives Dashlane a lot of attention, considering that a VPN service can easily go for $10/month. Encrypting your data on public networks can allow the VPN to prevent hackers from stealing your passwords when you connect to the web.

It’s common for VPNs to slow down your internet connection, but this isn’t the case with Dashlane and their mobile version included. Dashlane uses one of the fastest VPN providers right now. 

Another great thing about Dashlane’s VPN is that you can use as much data as you want, without a data cap. 

With the Dashlane VPN, you can save a few extra dollars and still get a reliable VPN service as well as a password manager.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane uses Dark Web data licensed from SpyCloud to provide dark web monitoring. The software ‘scans the dark web’ of the internet where hackers typically sell stolen information to see if any of your information is lying there. Even if nobody has used your stolen credentials, it’s still important to know details about any theft or changes to the account password. According to Dashlane, they never send any of your details to Spycloud.

Setting up dark web monitoring is as simple as it gets. You go to the dark web monitoring section under the Identity Dashboard section of the interface and provide your email address. From there Dashlane will scan to see if any hackers have stolen any of your personal information associated with your account and email address. Dashlane will also find out if hackers have stolen things like credit card details, social security numbers as well as phone numbers. In the case that you are a victim of fraud, you can cancel your credit cards and notify your authorities promptly. 

Dashlane’s Secure Notes

Dashlane secure notes are useful for storing documents and important notes in plain text form. You can easily categorize and color code them as you wish, and lock them up with a secure password.

You can also store attachments in Dashlane but you have to save them under a secure note. You get up to 1GB of paid storage for attachments which is a bit low compared to other password managers with larger storage space. Dashlane no longer supports auto-capture of receipts online but you can manually add them to your notes for archival purposes.

Dashlane Web Extension

Dashlane’s browser extension has three tabs: Vault, This Website, and Generator. The Vault tab allows you to launch websites and view them with the saved credentials you have. You won’t be able to edit any entries in the vault such as your secure notes, payment methods, or IDs. The Website section allows users to specify whether they want Dashlane to fill forms and login info for them or nothing at all. The Generator tab is there to create unique and strong password combinations. Everything else you will have to make changes to the desktop app.


Dashlane is more on the expensive side when it comes to password managers, but with the features and capabilities it has, it more than makes up for it. It is well-designed and makes password management a breeze but if you’re looking for a standard password manager, there are cheaper options.

There are four options to choose from between individual, family, and business plans, with different pricing and set features. 

FreeUp to 50 passwords, 1 device, Form & payment autofill, Password sharing(5accounts), security alerts, Two-factor authenticationFREE
PremiumAll free features plus unlimited passwords, unlimited devices, dark web monitoring, VPN$3.33/month$39.99 billed annually
Premium FamilyPremium features plus Invite up to 5 other people, manage members and billing in the family dashboard, private accounts for each member, Share an unlimited number of logins Personalized security alerts$4.99/month$59.99 billed annually
BusinessAll the benefits of Premium (excluding VPN), smart Spaces for work and personal data, admin Console for user and policy management, secure password sharing with groups, Customer Success Manager (for 50+ users)$4.00/month$48.00 billed annually


Password managers hold so much sensitive information, and they have to be really protected. With so many powerful security features Dashlane has, you can be confident to store your sensitive data with their service. Some of these include:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Encrypted storage
  • Zero-knowledge protocol
  • Multi-factor authentication

Dashlane uses military-grade  256-bit AES encryption to store your passwords, which is practically not breakable. Zero-knowledge protocol means that nobody even at Dashlane will have access to your user data. It’s very important that you don’t lose your master password and we suggest you print and store a copy of your master password in a safe or another secure spot. 

All users will get 1GB of encrypted data storage that you can share with other Dashlane users. The multi-factor authentication is another step to the login process which you can use to add an extra layer of security to ensure 100% security protocol Some of these unique features in Dashlane are what makes it my favorite password manager in 2020.

Customer Support

Dashlane has an excellent range of customer support options including:

  • A responsive live chat
  • Email support
  • A FAQ section on their website
  • Twitter support

Dashlane is among the few password managers to provide live chat support, and overly I was impressed with the support team. Within a matter of minutes of me contacting them via the live chat widget, I had gotten a well-detailed response. The team was very friendly and made sure all my questions were answered. 

I also tried reaching out to them via email and got a response within a few hours. Dashlane also has a FAQ section on its website with in-depth step-by-step tutorials so that you can troubleshoot problems by yourself. 

Overall, I was very impressed with their live chat support and their blogs that go in-depth. I was pleased with how friendly and helpful they were to address my problems.

Final Verdict

Dashlane is among the top password managers available today, and in my opinion the #1 password manager in 2020. It has a robust list of features and advanced security tools that are actually useful. From its simple interface to the dedicated VPN, Dashlane is fantastic in every way and you can rely on its security architecture. It might cost a little more than other password managers, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Anesu Chirara

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