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  • User Experience rating – 3
  • Features rating- 3.5
  • Pricing rating- 4
  • Security rating- 4
  • Support rating- 4.5
  • Overall- 3.8


Its name gives the impression that it’s all about remembering and auto-filling passwords. While this is its primary function, Sticky Password is a password manager that takes care of an array of data that is often required when filling out forms. These include the date of birth, credit card details, phone number, and address.  


  • Intuitive interface
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • Military grade encryption
  • Option to sync over Wi-Fi
  • One-time payment option for a lifetime license


  • No master password recovery
  • Limited web app

If you’re not already using a password manager, Sticky Password is powerful and effective software you can add to your bucket list. It’s ideal for both advanced and basic users. Let’s dive in and explore more about it.

User Experience

  • App Appearance

The desktop app is fine but does not have a modern design. It looks like an application designed for Windows 7. The desktop program also has a slow response in some situations, like when you launch it from the system tray, or when syncing with the cloud. We also noted a significant slowdown of browser performance after installing the App. It is however impossible to verify if Sticky Password is entirely responsible for slowing other applications down.

Despite its old school look, the app is easy to use. It disappears into the background and only becomes active when needed.

  • Set-Up

Getting Sticky Password up and running is very easy, and there is a step by step instructions on how to do it on their website.

Creating a Sticky Account

To create an account, enter your email address, which is your StickyID, and then create a Master Password. The Master Password is what you will use to lock and unlock the password manager. 

The master password is the only password that you will need to remember. You will use it to access all the other passwords in the encrypted database, as well as to authenticate your cloud account. The master password is known to you only and the Sticky team doesn’t have access to it.

sticky create account.png
  • Login

Log in on this password manager is easy. Sticky password lets you log in automatically into the site when you open the app. If you have multiple accounts for one site, you can choose which account to log in with.

  • Auto-import passwords

Sticky Password allows for password import. This feature saves you the hassle of entering your stored passwords again when setting up the password manager. 

  • Password Change Process

Changing passwords for sites is very easy. You log in to the site and go to the change password page. You are prompted to enter the old password, and the new password and Sticky Password saves this for you.

  • Navigation

It is easy to navigate the interface of Sticky Password, through the left-side menu. The menu allows you to quickly access web-based passwords, memos, app passwords, identities, and bookmarks.

You can search for accounts, as well as organize them into groups that allow for custom icons. There are several options available when adding or changing details of an account, but there are no custom fields. You can choose when a site’s password expires, tie an account to specific URLs or domains, leave comments, and select what browser to open the account in.

The navigation menu is however a bit too crowded, making text for each entry to be very small. Maximizing the window doesn’t help much, as it just adds more entries to the window. 


While the browser extension feature is pretty handy, the process of automatically capturing logins for new sites isn’t that pretty. Neither is the autofill process. Sticky Password appears in almost every entry field, whether it’s a password or otherwise. While this overarching process lets you store and autofill a variety of data, it contributes to browser sluggishness, and also gets the browser crowded with Sticky Password icons. 

  • User Experience on Mobile
Sticky for mobile.png

It’s pretty easy setting up and using Sticky Password on mobile device apps. You can create, modify, and access to different types of sensitive data. The mobile application also has an autofill feature for both browsers and browser extensions. You can also synchronize data on your mobile devices using the local network option, auto-sync on the launch, or manually. You can also access data on your mobile device even if you do not have internet access.  

More so, you can create a PIN in addition to the Master Password. This speeds up the unlocking of the database, and you don’t have to enter the master password every time if your device is in sleep mode or the application is running in the background. 

Sticky Password Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Intuitive, feature-rich interface 
  • Option to sync over Wi-Fi only 
  • One-time payment option for a lifetime license
  • Remembers  and auto-fills passwords and other data 
  • Strong password generator and password assessor 
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Excellent email Support
  • USB Portable version for Windows


  • Dusty looking interface
  • Out-of-Date Password Pointers
  • You cannot save bookmarks using the Sticky Password browser extension
  • No capability to save attachments
  • Limited browser interface

Sticky Password Features

Sticky Password comes with a user-friendly, feature-rich user interface. Let’s have a look at its most notable features:

  • Platforms and Browsers

Operating Systems– Sticky password has mobile, tablet, and desktop apps available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Sticky Password also has a USB portable version for Windows. If you don’t want to install it on your desktop, you can put it on a USB stick and access it from any PC. Be sure to only use this version on PCs you trust as putting it into public PCS makes you susceptible to malware attacks.

Online Password Manager- As an alternative to desktop and mobile applications, Sticky Password offers an online password Manager accessible through browsers. This manager has fewer features; and allows you to view your accounts, memos, and bookmarks.

Browser Extensions- Sticky password has browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chromium, Seamonkey, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, Pale Moon, and the internal Sticky browser. These browser extensions fulfill their auto-fill purposes. They are better than local applications because they allow you to easily view your passwords, identities, and bookmarks.

  • Syncing Options

Sticky Password gives you more synching options compared to other password managers. In addition to synch through its cloud servers which is the default for most people, you can use manual offline synch or manual online synch through services like Dropbox. 

For premium subscribers, there is a “Local Wi-Fi sync” option which enables synching of data on different devices over the same local network. If you are extra cautious and are rarely off your network with our devices, this is a nice feature. 

  • Security Dashboard

Sticky Password comes with a helpful security dashboard that analyzes your passwords, pointing out weak and reused passwords. You can then go through the recommendations and change them. You however have to do it one by one as there is no auto-change feature.

The security dashboard also comes with a secure notes feature; the Secure Memo. With 10 different templates, it can store a variety of information such as bank accounts, passport information, driver’s license, and the like.

  • Sticky Password Portability

Synchronization is a very important aspect of any password manager, and Sticky Password gives you plenty of options for this. It is not a must that you sync your passwords to the cloud however, as there is a USB vault option that allows you to carry your logins with you. 

It also comes with a portable version that runs on Windows without installation. Another excellent sync feature is the local network sync that allows you to sync passwords to devices over the same Wi-Fi network. 

  • Password Sharing

The Sticky Password premium plan will give you the capability to share logins. The sharing option has more than basic usage, and it allows you to send multiple items to multiple recipients at once while assigning different levels of access. The two access levels are just two however; “limited” and “full”.

  • Secure digital wallet for Windows and Mac.

Sticky Password allows you to checkout with one click quickly with PayPal, credit, and debit cards, as well as your bank accounts when shopping and paying online. You can store credit card numbers in the super-secure vault that only you have access to. 


Sticky Password offers three membership tiers for individuals:

  • Free plan – On the free plan, you will get all the features that come with a premium plan but they will be restricted to you only, and only one device. For first time users, there is a 30-day trial period of premium. The free plan doesn’t offer synch, password sharing, and backup, making it a good solution for people who only use one device to manage their passwords. 
  • Premium plan – You pay 29.99/year on this plan, which is a fair process. You can access all Sticky Password features, and your passwords will sync across all your devices. A really interesting thing about the Premium plan is that for every premium subscription, a portion of it goes towards supporting endangered manatees. We think this is cool. Right?
  • Lifetime plan – With a onetime fee of $199.99, this plan will help you avoid paying monthly subscriptions. This price is almost equal to seven-year of subscription, so only purchase it if you are sure you will use the password manager for that long.  

A good thing to keep in mind when purchasing lifetime plans is to ask a service provider what happens if their service closes. Sticky Password doesn’t offer any clarification on this, but from its growth in the last few years, that shouldn’t be a cause for worry. 

  • Teams and Academics plans – Sticky Password also recently introduced Team plans at $29.99/user/year and Academic plans for $12.95/user/year.

Irrespective of the subscription plan you are on, Sticky Password offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free 30-day trial of premium on all plans. No credit card is required for the trial period.


Sticky Password is one of the safest password managers in the market right now. It combines excellent AES-256 encryption with other unique security features that keep your passwords very secure. In addition to that, the password manager encrypts and stores a local copy of your password vault, giving you access to logins in case the servers ever shut down.

The decryption key to your stored data is protected by your master password, which no one at Sticky Password can see. Sticky Password does authentication using a key derived with PBKDF2 from your master password. 

As Sticky Password cannot access or store your Master Password, once you lose it you cannot recover it. This doesn’t mean you lose your data. If you get locked out of your account you can easily authenticate with the best 2FA apps such as Google Authenticator. Alternatively, you can use removable devices such as a USB stick or Bluetooth device to log in. 

Customer Support

  • Email Support- Sticky Password users get prompt customer service via email. The response is much faster for premium subscribers. 

The Sticky Password Customer support team promises a response time estimate of 24 hours, which is pretty fair. Email support is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Japanese and Ukrainian Languages. 

  • The Help Center– In addition to email customer support, Sticky Password offers a knowledge base with articles covering almost all possible questions about the knowledge base. The help center is very well-detailed, with a clean layout of articles. There you will get help regarding operating systems, pricing plans, and other key features. 
  • Forums- The Sticky Password forums, while resourceful, are less impressive than the help center. Most questions are feature requests or troubleshooting questions that are well monitored by the support team. Instead of an answer, they usually ask you to send them an email.  

Unfortunately Sticky Password does not offer live chat support and phone support. These would be awesome for any urgent customer queries. 


Sticky Password is an easy to use, effective and fairly priced password manager when compared to many other competitors. However, its design could do with enhancements for better visual appeal. The desktop program can also be slow, and further developments should seek to make the app lighter. 

All in all, this is an excellent free tool for single-device use, and the pricing is reasonable for multiple device synchronization. It will make saving, remembering, and modifying passwords and other online data easy for you.

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